Atzori Candele is a small candle factory based in Italy. It all starts in 2008 as a hobby, but soon the passion for scented candles turns into a full time work, with a small laboratory and lot of fun and love.

Our focus is to create high level candles by hand, with great scents, stunning presence and long lasting.

A constant research for the best raw materials, accurate and repeated tests it’s our key to offer you unique, highly scented, best quality and long lasting candles

Every candle is hand crafted and it’s a unique piece, created with passion. The same passion that every candle lover feels: once candles were only light sources, now they are emotions sources.

We use a wide range of fragrances, from the most common to the sophisticated ones, to cuddle you and your beloved with warmth and joy.

How we work: our quality choices

Palm wax, wicks and fragrances

Atzori Candele and our environment: conscious and environmentally friendly choices.

The palm wax we choose to use in our production comes from private plantations that adhere to RSPO standards. RSPO has been created to avoid dangerous deforestation.

Further more, RSPO has among its members transporters and producers too, and all of them must comply the same strict protocol in order to protect and guard our environment.

Our wicks and colors comply to the REACH standards. Only fine quality raw materials such cotton without lead and other metals.

Fragrances that pleasently fill your home are IFRA standards, phtalate free.

We strive to offer you a high quality product that won’t arm our environment and the health of everyone.

Handmade high quality

The common mistake many of us make is to consider a handmade product something simple, made in spare time and maybe just approximate.

Nothing more untrue when speaking of  Atzori Candele.

Every candle is created by hand in our laboratory, this means:

  • wax is always melted at the ideal temperature
  • abundance of fragrance oils directly mixed in the wax, to give you a fully and strongly scented candle
  • colors mixed at the right moment and totally melted in the wax: our candles are fully colored, outside and inside
  • wicks are fixed and tighten one by one, by hand, to ensure they’re always centered and that your candle burns evenly
  • finishing and leveling with hot plates by hand, one candle at a time. We don’t cut our candles to make them straight.

This leads to a finished high quality product, with a constant quality control in every phase.

Our experience and the care for every detail ensure that every candle Atzori Candele is a high quality candle, made for true candle lovers.

Test and research

We at Atzori Candele never end to test waxes, wicks, scents and colors: this constant research, which is always going on, has the purpose to find the best materials available at the moment, to guarantee an outstanding candle.

The key objectives we pursue are:

  • long lasting candles
  • minimum possible residue
  • fragrances yeld
  • smock free wicks

Nothing is left to chance, everything is recorded and we always keep a reference at hand.

Precision, patience, knowledge, passion: these are the key points in Atzori Candele production.

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