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How to make your special day really special

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If you wish to be different and want something really special to always remind you of your most beatiful day you have to have our Eternal Candle kit!

An elegant and unique idea to match your special day, whether you choose a religious or symbolic ceremony: Atzori Candele will create this precious kit just for you. The kit includes:

  • Customizable Eternal Candle made in palm wax  (height: 11 cm. or 15 cm.)
  • Two taper candles (customizable too)
  • Eternal Candle candle holder
  • Two tapers candle holders
  • Three tea-lights

How does it work? The Eternal Candle for your wedding is created entirely by hand. At the top there’s a tea-light holder directly embedded into the wax. You add the tea-light and it will be the only candle melting, so your Eternal Candle will last forever. It will be at your side during your wedding, and you can light it later on your anniversary day, or everytime you want to enjoy it. In the Rite of Light the two tapers represent the spouses origin families: they light the biggest candle that represents the new family that borns in the wedding day. In some cultures the taper candles are symbols for the two souls of bride and groom that become one in the biggest candle when lit.

Whatever they symbolize for you, it’s a strongly symbolic, romantic and special act: just like your wedding day should be!

Please, consider to order your kit in good advance, at least 30 days before wedding date.

Kit costs:

  • Eternal Candle, height 15 cm: € 85,00 shipping not included
  • Eternal Candle, height 11 cm: € 75,00 shipping not included

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